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ChainPort: Bridging the Blockchain Gap in 2023

ChainPort: Bridging the Blockchain Gap in 2023


  • ChainPort's growth in 2023 is highlighted by new tokens, chains, and bridging methods.

  • Supported blockchains increased from 8 to 20.

  • The number of new tokens supported rose by 26, with projects like Lunar Crush, DJED, and World Mobile Token.

  • Ports surged from 36,224 to 95,000, indicating trust in ChainPort's capabilities.

  • Total Value Locked (TVL) quadrupled, reaching $400M.

  • New chains added: Milkomeda C1, Arbitrum, Telos, Cardano, and more.

  • Main goals for 2024: Launch of cross-chain swaps, and the integration of a non-EVM chain.

ChainPort’s 2023 Cross-Chain Adventures

2023 has been a monumental year of growth and expansion for ChainPort. We're proud to highlight our significant strides in bolstering the blockchain ecosystem. These achievements include a massive number of new tokens supported, additional chains added, and innovative bridging methods. 

The bridging methods added include native token bridging, and support for external bridging protocols, such as Circle’s CCTP. Today, ChainPort is an official Circle CCTP partner, enabling native USDC bridging to a number of popular blockchains. So far, more than $15M worth of USDC bridged via ChainPort, which illustrates a demand for reliable stablecoin bridging.

ChainPort is also integrating Li.Fi, a bridging aggregator protocol, allowing users to bridge popular blue chip tokens such as WETH, WBTC, USDT, and others to various chains. Bridging fees are competitive, with ChainPort charging only $2 in addition to Li.Fi’s fee, which varies. The integration with Li.Fi is currently in open beta and will fully launch shortly. 

Our commitment to inclusivity in blockchains led us to support an impressive increase in the number of blockchains, soaring from 8 to 20. The number of tokens supported has also expanded, with 26 new projects collaborating with ChainPort. The surge in ports, from 36,224 to an astounding 95,000 Ports, attests to the community's trust and reliance in ChainPort's bridging capabilities.

Financially, the year has been robust. Our All-Time Volume saw a commendable rise, scaling from $415,867,380 to $627,362,703, underscoring the burgeoning activity within our platform. One of our proudest achievements lies in our Total Value Locked or TVL, which witnessed exponential growth, quadrupling from $87,943,746 to an impressive $4M TVL.

New Chains & Tokens Added


Milkomeda C1; Arbitrum; Bridging to ETH; Telos; Cardano; Optimism; Conflux; Base; Humanode; Meld; opBNB; Step Network


Gamium; Conucopias; FEAR; Gamerse; Gold Fever; NETVRK; HyperGPT; DJED; USDC; Genius X; Hord; ChainGPT; Orbofi; DexCheck; PetLFG; Luigi Inu; Paribus; Gains Associates; World Mobile Token; ITs Corn; Step App; Lunar Crush; GMR Center; Rejuve Token; OccamX; AIMall

ChainPort’s Main Goals of 2024

In 2024, ChainPort is poised to embark on a transformative journey with a clear vision for the future. A primary objective on our horizon is the addition of efficient new bridging options, such as cross-chain swaps. PORTX's tokenomics & utilities are also being improved to boost its performance in 2024. As a result of these changes, PORTX will become an even more exciting token for traders and long-term investors. Another goal is the addition of a non-EVM blockchain. These features are currently being beta-tested on the mainnet, so the launch is coming soon.

As we reflect upon this year, ChainPort remains steadfast in its mission to revolutionize blockchain connectivity. 

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