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GAINS Associates Bridges GAINS from Ethereum to BNB via ChainPort

GAINS Associates Bridges GAINS from Ethereum to BNB via ChainPort


  • GAINS Associates is leveraging ChainPort's cross-chain bridging for their GAINS token.
  • The $GAINS tokens are minted on Ethereum and bridged to BNB via ChainPort.
  • This expansion broadens $GAINS token accessibility and liquidity within the BNB network.
  • GAINS Associates, the world's first decentralized Venture Capital firm, has supported over 200 projects, some now in the top 40 cryptocurrencies.

GAINS Token Goes Multichain

GAINS Associates is taking advantage of ChainPort's cross-chain bridging capabilities to expand the reach of their token $GAINS. This involves minting the new GAINS tokens on the Ethereum network and subsequently utilizing ChainPort to bridge these tokens to BNB. Once successfully migrated, $GAINS tokens will be distributed to their user base.

$GAINS BNB Token Contract: 0xf1C3e69494E27bf067C4076a6f244a46446719d6

$GAINS ETH Token Contract: 0x056C1D42Fb1326f57da7f19eBB7dDA4673f1FF55

GAINS Associates, is the world's first decentralized Venture Capital firm, allowing anyone to invest in early-stage crypto projects. Over 200 projects have been supported by GAINS Associates, many of which have climbed into prominent positions among the top 40 cryptocurrencies. These projects include successful names like Avalanche, Hedera, Quant Network, and Reef. 

At GAINS Associates, $GAINS token holders are stratified into four distinct tiers, determined by the extent of their token holdings. This innovative approach translates to larger allocations in various seed-stage cryptocurrency projects as token holders ascend tiers by increasing their holdings.

This strategic move opens up a broader ecosystem for Gains Associates, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for their token holders within the BNB network. As GAINS is now listed on BNB, it will be available on BNB-based DEXs such as PancakeSwap. 

As the crypto landscape continually evolves, Gains Associates' adoption of ChainPort's cross-chain technology showcases their commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. This expansion into Binance Smart Chain via ChainPort aligns with their mission to empower their community and facilitate effortless participation in emerging crypto projects.

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