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ChainPort Enables Bridging ITs CORN from BNB to ETH

ChainPort Enables Bridging ITs CORN from BNB to ETH


  • ChainPort expands ICN token’s reach from BNB to ETH, making it accessible to a larger audience.

  • ICN, a deflationary meme token from It’s Corn, originated from the viral "its corn!" video, gaining social media prominence.

  • Future plans for ICN include a mobile game for iOS and Android, enabling players to earn or win ICN through trading reward points.

ICN Available on BNB & Ethereum

ChainPort is stepping in to enable bridging IT’s CORN's ICN token from BNB to ETH, exposing the meme coin to a larger audience. 

IT’s Corn’s token ICN, is a deflationary meme token derived from the viral "its corn!" video that captured social media's attention. In the future, IT’s Corn plans to develop a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Within the game, players can win or earn ICN by trading in reward points. 

At the heart of the project is a strong community ethos, empowering participants to actively shape ICN's future through voting and open discussions. This community-driven approach ensures that ICN remains anti-whale and anti-rug, promoting fairness and transparency in the token's ecosystem.

With its 2% burn mechanism on every sell transaction, ICN takes a proactive stance in deflation, giving it more potential in the meme token landscape. 

ChainPort's involvement in bridging ICN from BNB to ETH enhances accessibility. This allows enthusiasts to engage with ICN on a broader range of platforms while also encouraging widespread participation in ICN's development.

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