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ChainPort Supports the MELD Blockchain & Bridges the MELD Token

ChainPort Supports the MELD Blockchain & Bridges the MELD Token


  • ChainPort expands support to the MELD blockchain, enabling users to bridge MELD tokens to the network.
  • Currently, ChainPort’s MELD Network bridge is a single asset bridge, supporting only their token.
  • Users bridging MELD will receive a welcome bonus of gMELD, the network's native gas token for a limited time.

  • The gMELD token is a gas token essential for paying ultra-low transaction fees, offering efficient and secure settlements on its blockchain.

  • With MELD integration, ChainPort now supports 16 integrated blockchains, promoting interoperability and access to diverse DeFi opportunities.

Extending Bridging Support to MELD

ChainPort is moving forward by expanding its support to the MELD blockchain.

The $MELD token currently exists on Avalanche, Ethereum, Cardano, and the MELD blockchain. With this development, users can now easily bridge $MELD across those prominent blockchains using ChainPort.

MELD is a Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform, leveraging Avalanche's subnet architecture. MELD blockchain is powered by two tokens: MELD (utility token) & gMELD (gas payment token).

For a limited time, users who bridge their MELD tokens to the MELD blockchain will receive a welcome bonus of gMELD, ensuring immediate usability and alleviating typical gas fee concerns prevalent on other blockchains.

In the near future, the bridge to MELD will support a wide array of ERC-2771 tokens such as USDT, wETH, wAVAX, etc. The ERC-2771 token standard allows users the option to execute transactions without needing to pay for the transaction with gas tokens. In practical terms, this means that transactions of tokens bridged to the MELD blockchain can be executed without the need for gMELD in your wallet to pay for gas.

With the addition of MELD blockchain integration, ChainPort now supports a total of 16 integrated blockchains. This demonstrates ChainPort’s commitment to fostering interoperability across various blockchain networks.

The bridging process employed by MELD utilizes the "Native Token Bridging" method. This transfer of tokens between blockchains ensures interoperability and allows users to leverage MELD's services across different ecosystems. 

MELD has added liquidity to all sides of the bridge. Users can now deposit tokens in the bridge contract on the source chain and receive the equivalent amount of native tokens on the destination chain.

$MELD Contract Addresses

$MELD on Cardano:

$MELD on Ethereum:

$MELD on Avalanche (C-Chain):

$MELD on MELD Network:

About MELD Blockchain

MELD is a Proof-of-Stake, high-speed, low-cost EVM blockchain designed for DeFi dApps. It integrates core DeFi mechanics providing direct access to lending, borrowing, cross-chain bridging, liquidity, and fiat services. MELD offers a holistic Web3 banking stack that's perfect for modern DeFi applications.

The collaboration between MELD and ChainPort showcases the commitment to advancing cross-chain interoperability and expanding DeFi’s possibilities. 

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