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Fear Bridging Tokens From BNB & ETH to Arbitrum via ChainPort

Fear Bridging Tokens From BNB & ETH to Arbitrum via ChainPort

We’re proud to announce that Fear has selected ChainPort once again as its official bridge. 

Fear initially bridged tokens via ChainPort in April 2022 and noted the benefits of bridging tokens to new ecosystems. Today FEAR token holders can now bridge their tokens from Ethereum and BNB chain to Arbitrum securely using ChainPort. 

As part of FEAR bridging to Arbitrum, FEAR tokens will be available on the Arbitrum DEX, Ramses.

The process of bridging FEAR tokens to Arbitrum with ChainPort is secure and straightforward. All token holders need to do is head to and connect a wallet. Once a wallet is connected, select the source chain, which is Ethereum or BNB, and target blockchain, Arbitrum. Then select FEAR as the token to bridge, the number of tokens, and gas, and confirm the transaction.  

The tokens should reach the Arbitrum blockchain within minutes.

Arbitrum is growing rapidly in adoption as a popular L2 blockchain for Ethereum. The chain can reach an impressive TPS of 40,000 transactions per second using Optimistic Rollup technology. These rollups ensure fast transactions and low fees for users, which fuels the blockchain’s adoption.

Fear is an innovative horror-themed NFT platform that includes games, films, and animations powered by the FEAR token. Expanding FEAR’s liquidity to Arbitrum will introduce the platform to a new and vibrant community of blockchain enthusiasts. 

Bridge your FEAR tokens from Ethereum and Arbitrum today via ChainPort!

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