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ChainPort Introduces Full Cardano Support

ChainPort Introduces Full Cardano Support

We are excited to announce that ChainPort now supports Cardano-based tokens. By supporting Cardano, ChainPort becomes one of the first cross-chain bridges that supports the network.

The ChainPort team has worked hard to enable Cardano support on the bridge and is pleased with the results. Cardano is the first non-EVM blockchain to be fully supported by ChainPort. With this new integration, users can now securely move their Cardano-based tokens between different blockchains, creating new possibilities for cross-chain interoperability.

Prior to this, Cardano was only available as a target chain to bridge to. Following this upgrade, Cardano can be selected as a source chain as well.

ChainPort has always been committed to creating a more decentralized future. This integration with Cardano is another important step towards achieving that goal. By connecting different blockchain ecosystems, we are enabling Web3 projects to take advantage of expand to and from Cardano. By doing so, ChainPort is helping to break down the barriers between different blockchain communities.

We believe that Cardano is one of the most exciting blockchain ecosystems out there, and we are thrilled to be able to support Cardano-based tokens on ChainPort. This integration will enable Cardano users to connect with other blockchain ecosystems and take advantage of the opportunities that they have to offer.

At ChainPort, we are committed to building a more interconnected and decentralized world, & this integration with Cardano is an important step toward achieving that vision. We look forward to working with the Cardano community and exploring this new integration's possibilities.

Port your Web3 project’s token securely and easily to and from Cardano today with ChainPort’s assistance!

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