Whitelabel Features

A robust suite of advanced solutions tailored for smooth and secure blockchain integrations.

External Insurance

ChainPort integrates an external insurance program designed to offer an added layer of protection and reassurance for blockchain transactions. This safeguards assets and transactions from threats.

Full Private Bridge Control

Empower your chain and take control of the bridge. Set custom rules for top-tier 'bluechip' tokens and native gas tokens on the blockchain. For optimum security, any significant transaction will undergo a meticulous manual check.

Emergency Freeze

Grant your trusted multi-sig cold wallets the power to instantly halt bridge activities to and from your chain and even freeze certain tokens, ensuring unparalleled protection.

Diligence Audits for DeFi/DEX

DcentraLab Diligence audits are exclusively tailored for DeFi protocols or DEXs on your chain. Ensure the utmost security and reliability for your blockchain

Block/Catch Blacklisted Addresses

Stop bad actors as they take action. You can blacklist specific addresses and choose to either intercept their tokens or block them.

Immediate Emergency Chain Freeze - How Does it Work?

After partnering with top-tier external insurance, ChainPort proactively monitors all its tokens on your chain. Imagine having the power to freeze the bridge instantly upon detection of any exploit, safeguarding your contracts and assets. Anticipate and prevent vulnerabilities before they escalate, ensuring a robust and secure blockchain ecosystem.

ChainPort will maintain an up to date list of addresses that are deemed as malicious actors.

Malicious actors are defined as (but not limited to)

Addresses listed on OFAC

  • Addresses that have interacted with addresses listed on OFAC
  • Addresses involved in previous DeFi-related hacks
  • Addresses suspected of being in the process of performing DeFi-related hacks
  • Addresses that have received funds from malicious wallets
  • Addresses which have suffered private key leakage (currently or previously)

Wallet addresses that are categorized as “malicious” will be added to the exclusion list and will be UNABLE to port via ChainPort.

Port Tokens Out

Exploit Detected

Emergency Freeze

Keep Safety

Who Is It For?

New and Established EVM Based Blockchains

ChainPort's Whitelabel Bridge is tailored for both emerging and established blockchains seeking advanced security interoperability solutions.

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