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ChainPort Bridges Step App’s FITFI Between BNB & Avalanche

ChainPort Bridges Step App’s FITFI Between BNB & Avalanche


  • FITFI token is bridged from Avalanche to BNB via ChainPort by Step App.

  • The ChainPort bridge enables smooth movement of FITFI tokens between Avalanche's C-chain and BNB chain.

  • The bridge accommodates native tokens, not wrapped tokens.

  • Step App employs "move-to-earn" principles, rewarding users for physical activity by tracking movement with GPS and sensors.

FITFI - Available on Avalanche & BNB

Step App, a leading "move-to-earn" crypto platform, is bridging FITFI from Avalanche to BNB via ChainPort. 

With ChainPort, FITFI tokens can be bridged between Avalanche's C-chain to BNB chain and vice-versa, offering enhanced accessibility and flexibility to users. It is important to emphasize that the FITFI bridge is for native tokens, not wrapped tokens. Step App has added liquidity on both sides of the bridge (Avalanche & BNB). Now users can deposit tokens in the bridge contract on the destination chain and receive the equivalent amount of native tokens on the target chain.

Step App operates on the principles of "move-to-earn," which rewards users for their physical activity. Step App's move-to-earn platform tracks users' movements with GPS and other sensors, translating physical activity into tangible rewards. Beyond its use in the App, users can convert FITFI into fiat currency.

Users can download Step App to track their daily activities and steps. As they move, they accumulate KCAL tokens which can be used to unlock various rewards. The amount of tokens earned depends on the in-app assets called “GEAR”. There are two types of GEAR currently, SNEAKs and HEADSETS, which allow users to earn while they move. Each type of GEAR has different attributes that affect the reward mechanism, and the number of KCAL earned. These KCAL tokens can be redeemed for rewards or exchanged for FITFI.

FITFI’s Contract Addresses

Avalanche: 0x714f020C54cc9D104B6F4f6998C63ce2a31D1888

BNB: 0x7588DF009C3d82378Be6ab81F2108fa963c10fc8

The Step App's initiative to bridge FITFI via ChainPort is yet another testament to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and the need for interoperability.

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