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ChainPort Introduces Arbitrum Support

ChainPort Introduces Arbitrum Support

The ChainPort team is happy to announce that, once again, we are expanding ChainPort’s capabilities as a bridge. ChainPort is adding Arbitrum support as a newly supported blockchain. Adding Arbitrum as a supported blockchain pushes ChainPort closer to its goal of securely uniting all blockchains.

The ChainPort team has worked hard to enable Arbitrum support on the bridge and is pleased with the results. 

Arbitrum is a popular L2 blockchain solution for Ethereum. Unlike other L2 blockchain solutions, Arbitrum has no native token for its ecosystem. All transaction fees on Arbitrum are currently settled in ETH. One of the major benefits of Arbitrum to both traders and Web3 projects is significantly lower transaction fees than certain blockchains.

Today, users can bridge their tokens from the many blockchain ecosystems ChainPort supports to Arbitrum safely and easily. Users can connect their wallets to the ChainPort app, select the source or native chain, the token they want to port, and Arbitrum as a destination chain. 

By adding Arbitrum, the number of blockchains ChainPort supports has reached 14 chains. ChainPort supports Cardano, Ethereum, and leading EVM chains such as BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, and many more. 

Bridging tokens to Arbitrum can be beneficial, especially for Web3 projects looking to reduce transaction fees. Arbitrum launched in August 2022 and has rapidly grown in popularity. The network is especially popular with DeFi projects, with hundreds of various DeFi projects in its ecosystem.

Port your Web3 project’s token securely and easily to Arbitrum today with ChainPort’s assistance!

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