Get all the information you need about PORTX, the official token of ChainPort. Explore the tokenomics, mechanisms, use cases, and more on our dedicated page.


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Get, Swap and Trade PORTX Tokens

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PORTX is used for discount porting fees and to incentive the eco-system growth that includes staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, partners and users rewarding, and referral and affiliation rewards.

PORTX token has a few different contract addresses, which change in accordance with the blockchain it is deployed on.

ChainPort's native utility token is the PORTX token. It is central to ChainPort’s ecosystem and its long-term sustainability. It represents a unit of value and a medium of exchange that can be used in many ways.

Porting Fees & Methods

Basic Porting Fee

The basic porting fee on ChainPort is 0.2% - 0.3% of the value of each port paid and can be paid in several different methods.


NFT support is coming soon to ChainPort, and its fee model will be a fixed fee per port. More information is coming soon.

Pay with the Ported Token

E.g. If a user wishes to port 10,000 XYZ tokens, a fee of 30 XYZ will be deducted from the port.

Pay with PORTX

The basic porting fee on ChainPort is 0.2% - 0.3% of the value of each port paid and can be paid in several different methods.

Pay with the Chain’s Native Token

Users can pay porting fees of 0.3% in their blockchain’s native token. E.g. if XYZ token is a native ERC-20 token, the user can pay the fee in ETH.

PORT Contract address




Market Cap - $0

Circulating Supply

Total 1,000,000,000

On Chain Hordlers

On Chain Tx 0

ChainPort is a leading crypto-bridge, both secure and fast and creating the highest standards for the emerging cross-chain interoperability.

ChainPort is creating a fair tokenomics conceived to share value with users and supporters. The simple and effective system is built-in to the platform.

Below is a summary of the current stage of ChainPort's tokenomics development.

Fee distribution

ChainPort’s fee mechanism ensures long-term sustainability for a cross-chain bridge. The mechanism essentially turns ChainPort and PORTX token into an ecosystem with incentives for holders and crypto projects. By turning ChainPort into a fully-fledged ecosystem, it will become the defacto bridge of choice for whoever wants to port tokens.

In ported tokens or chain tokens (gas)
From port value paid in PORTX Tokens
0% - 0.1%
Fees on popular stablecoins, depending on route and token
Distribution chart

ChainPort for Stablecoin’s Fee Distribution

ChainPort will soon support stablecoins. Those are tokens not minted by ChainPort, but by a 3rd party. The fees collected will be the same as the basic porting fee, while the distribution of the fees will be as such:

Per week (~1.5% yearly)
When paid in PORTX Tokens

20% Participation rewards - For each port made, the address will receive points that will reward them with PORTX.

20% Referral/Affiliation Rewards - distributed to eligible parties who referred the ported token, or ports made from an integrated ChainPort model or through the API.

10% Liquidity - Added on the various DEXs as liquidity forever. Half in PORTX and half in stablecoins.

10% APY for PORTX Stakers - This portion rewards PORTX stakers on the official ChainPort fee manager contract.

20% PORTX Buyback -  This portion will be utilized to buy back PORTX on the market. Some to all of this amount may be used to remove tokens from liquidity (burns).

20% ChainPort Future Development - will be used for ChainPort future development.

PORTX Token Metrics

ChainPort’s token distribution has been carefully calculated to guarantee long-term sustainability and growth. Vesting contracts increase transparency and reduce sell pressure. Incentives assist with expansion.

Total Supply
680M Tokens
Team (1y lockup,
3y vesting)
20% (136M)
Partners, Advisors
& Consultants
4% (27.2M)
Marketing, Acquisitions,
Legal R&D & Licenses
12% (81.6M)
Token Sale
Strateging, VC,
Private & Public
30% (204M)
Reserve CEX
2% (20M)
Staking, Liquidity,
MM, & Incentives
10% (68M)
Participation and growth
Incentives (5-10y vesting)
24% (163.2M)

PORTX Circulation

1. Seed Round

2. Private Round

3. Staking, Liquidity, MM, & Incentives

4. Long Term App Incentives

5. Team 1y Lockup, (3.5y Vesting)

6. Partners, Advisors, & Consultants

7.Marketing, Acquisitions, & Licenses