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Full Cross-Chain Interoperability

Bridge your tokens freely between the supported chains without the need to revert to the original chain. There’s no need to search for a specific crypto bridge for each blockchain anymore.

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BNB Chain

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Arbitrum One

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Milkomeda (C1)

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At ChainPort, Security Comes First

ChainPort utilizes the industry's most advanced security technology and a fund segregation model. The segregation of funds ensures that up to 98% of funds are kept in multi-sig cold storage provided by Gnosis Safe and Fireblocks MPC encryption. 

Bridgeable Assets

PEPE Token
ChainGPT token
gamium token
COPI token
USDC circle token
BUSD token
USDT token
Wrapped BTC/ETH
WBTC token
WETH token

Security Components 

Secure assets from cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error with multi-layer technology that combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with hardware isolation.

Multi-sig Cold Wallet Protection

All cold wallets are secured with multi-sig protection. All transactions are monitored privately and must be approved by multiple members of ChainPort's Congress.

Multiple Contract Audits

All of ChainPort’s smart contracts have gone through several audits by some of the most experienced auditing firms in the crypto space.

MPC Encryption Cold Storage

For part of the bridging methods, ChainPort uses active multi-party computation (MPC) with hardware isolation to create multi-layer security for storage and transfers, powered by Fireblocks.

Contract Level Security 

ChainPort uses the most advanced tools in the crypto space to monitor, alert and avoid contract risks of all kinds.

Insurance Program

In development

ChainPort will soon offer various insurance programs and options for bridged assets.

AI/ML Security Activation

In development

Enhanced breach attempt pattern recognition through AI/ML detection that will further reduce any potential risks.

Audited, monitored and secured by top security firms

FireblocksGnosis Safe MultisigCertikTrail of bitsCyber UnitCyber Unit

ChainPort Multi-Chain Bridge Features

Tackling all the Common Problems Most Bridges Have

Full Interoperability

ChainPort is a full Cross-chain bridge portal. Tokens can bridge across multiple chains without reverting to the original token.


Porting tokens between blockchains without intervention or limitations.


ChainPort is the the fastest bridge in the space. Average port takes only 2.5 minutes!

Simple UX

User-friendly interface for seamless porting experience.


Integrate ChainPort into various applications, making cross-chain bridging accessible. 

Coming Soon

Live Support

ChainPort offers live chat support on all devices. Get a quick response to any question.

On-Chain API

Make direct calls to ChainPort smart contract to port.

Secure Crypto Bridge

Security is paramount for ChainPort. We secure all assets with a multi-layer technology that combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography and hardware isolation.

ChainPort is Trusted by Many

ChainPort is the official cross-chain bridge for dozens of Web3 projects. List your token and join them.

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Game Starter
World Mobile Token
Gold fever
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2023 - 2024

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First non-EVM chain - Cardano

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Launch of Staking program for PORTX

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USDC-CCTP new Integrations

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ChainPort is Backed by the Best

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChainPort?

ChainPort is a next-generation cross-chain bridge that places security first while maintaining full functionality. With ChainPort, you can easily port tokens across 17+ blockchains within minutes. 

It is the first bridge that offers a fully security-focused solution that safeguards 95% of funds in cold storage vaults. In addition to that, there is an easy-to-use UI, and porting can be done at astounding speed.

What Makes ChainPort Unique?

A few features set ChainPort apart from the pack as a cutting-edge blockchain bridge. The two features that stand out the strongest are an emphasis on security and ease of use. It is the first security-focused bridge in this space that stores up to 98% of all tokens in cold storage wallets at all times.

Another key benefit includes its full interoperability. With ChainPort, you can port tokens across multiple blockchains without the need to revert back to the original chain. Other features include permissionless porting, multiple wallet support, direct contract calls, and live support, with many more features on their way.

Why Should I Port Tokens Across Blockchains?

There are a few reasons why a project may wish to port its token across blockchains. The two primary reasons are fees and exposure to additional DEXs. For example, other chains may require lower fees than the native chain, which makes the process of trading or transferring tokens less expensive. The other reason is that it may boost a token’s user base and become more attractive to traders who use specific DEXs.

How Secure is ChainPort?

ChainPort leads the way in terms of security with advanced blockchain-specific features such as:

- Funds segregation

- Multi-sig cold wallet protection

- Multi-party computation cold vaults

- Contract-level security

- Continuous monitoring 

- For detailed explanations of our security features, check our Security Page

Are There any Fees Involved?

The basic porting fee on ChainPort is 0.2% - 0.3% of the value of each port and can be paid in a few different methods:

Pay with the Ported Token

E.g. If a user wishes to port 10,000 XYZ tokens, a fee of 30 XYZ will be deducted from the port.

Pay with PORTX

Fees will be lowered to 0.2% if paid via PORTX tokens. The platform will require holders to stake PORTX tokens. Fees will be automatically deducted from PORTX staking contracts.

Does ChainPort Have a Native Token?

ChainPort's native token is the PORTX token. It is vital to ChainPort’s ecosystem and long-term viability. PORTX represents a unit of value and a medium of exchange that can be used in many ways.

PORTX is used to discount bridging fees and stimulate eco-system growth through staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, partner and user rewards. In addition to this, PORTX is also used for referral rewards.

Can I Bridge Back from any Chain?

Yes. You can easily bridge your tokens from any of our supported chains. To port your tokens back to their original chain, simply connect your wallet to ChainPort’s app. Once connected, select the source chain and token, set the target chain to the original chain, and complete the bridging process.