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Gamerse Bridging LFG Token from BNB to ETH via ChainPort

Gamerse Bridging LFG Token from BNB to ETH via ChainPort

We are excited to announce that Gamerse, a popular Web3 gaming platform, is bridging its LFG token from BNB chain to Ethereum via ChainPort. This move will provide gamers and traders with greater flexibility and accessibility when trading and using LFG tokens.

Gamerse is a platform that connects Web3 games and gamers in a community-driven social hub. The platform aims to unify the fragmented GameFi space with various products, including a social platform and gaming-focused NFT marketplace. 

The LFG token has already gained a significant following on the BNB chain thanks to its utility in the Gamerse ecosystem. LFG is a utility token that serves as a payment solution on the platform. It consists of a hefty 50% discount on NFT transactions, a burn mechanism for transactions, NFT promotions, and AI NFT listings. Soon LFG will also be used in an upcoming social-fi reward model share-to-earn (for looking for groups).

By bridging to Ethereum, LFG token holders will now have access to a wider range of DEXs and other DeFi applications. Bridging to Ethereum will allow holders to trade LFG tokens with a larger pool of liquidity and potentially increase the size of their community.

The process of bridging LFG tokens to Ethereum with ChainPort is secure and straightforward. All token holders need to do is head to and connect their wallet. Once a wallet is connected, select the source chain, BNB, and the target blockchain, Ethereum. Then select LFG as the token to bridge, the number of tokens, and gas, and confirm the transaction. 

At ChainPort, we are committed to providing seamless and efficient bridging solutions for blockchain projects. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Gamerse and supporting their growth and success in the gaming industry.

Bridge your LFG tokens to Ethereum today with ChainPort!

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