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Orbofi's OBI Token Goes Dual Chain to BNB via ChainPort

Orbofi's OBI Token Goes Dual Chain to BNB via ChainPort


  • Orbofi's OBI token has been successfully bridged from Ethereum to BNB via ChainPort.
  • Via ChainPort’s assistance, Orbofi is now a dual-chain token, with ERC-20 & BEP-20 standards coexisting.  
  • Orbofi is an AI-generated content engine for Web3 and games, empowering users to create on-chain AI-generated assets.
  • The OBI token powers the Orbofi ecosystem, democratizing digital content creation.
  • Bridging the OBI token expands Orbofi's reach and interoperability between Ethereum and BNB.

$OBI Token Now Available on BNB

We are excited to announce a significant milestone for Orbofi, the ultimate AI-generated content engine for Web3, games, and online communities. The OBI token, which powers the Orbofi ecosystem, has been successfully bridged from Ethereum to BNB using ChainPort's cutting-edge cross-chain bridging technology. Orbofi has recently concluded its IDO on the 26th of May that took place on multiple launchpads, including Poolz Finance and Seedify

Token holders can now bridge their tokens to BNB using ChainPort. The bridging process is permissionless, secure, and takes only a few minutes.

Orbofi aims to revolutionize digital content creation by democratizing access to on-chain AI-generated assets. With Orbofi, anyone with a smartphone can create AI-generated gaming assets, train, deploy, and fine-tune AI models in just a few clicks, effectively acting as asset factories for Web3 and games.

By bridging the OBI token from Ethereum to BNB via ChainPort, Orbofi expands the reach and accessibility of its platform. The bridging of OBI allows seamless interoperability between two prominent blockchain ecosystems. This cross-chain bridging unlocks new possibilities for Orbofi users, as they can now leverage the advantages and features of Ethereum and BNB.

ChainPort's state-of-the-art bridging technology ensures secure and efficient token transfers between different blockchains. With the successful bridging of the OBI token, Orbofi users can seamlessly transfer and utilize their tokens on the BNB network, tapping into its vibrant and growing ecosystem.

This achievement marks a significant step forward in Orbofi's mission to boost human creativity and empower individuals to create on-chain AI-generated content for Web3 and gaming. By leveraging ChainPort's cross-chain bridging solution, Orbofi continues to pave the way for innovation, accessibility, and mass adoption of AI-generated assets.

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