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ChainPort & Gamium Collaborate to Bridge GMM to Ethereum

ChainPort & Gamium Collaborate to Bridge GMM to Ethereum

We’re proud that Gamium has selected ChainPort as a bridge of choice. As part of this collaboration, Gamium token (GMM) holders can now securely bridge their tokens from BNB chain to Ethereum and back via ChainPort. 

Gamium is the first decentralized social metaverse based on blockchain technology. There are two different products that the Gamium team is developing: Gamium App and Gamium World.

Gamium App is an app that lets users create and build a digital identity that can be used across Web3 and Web2 spaces. Gamium World is an infinite 3d metaverse where different avatars can explore, earn achievements, build, and have fun. Avatars can explore the massive Genesis city and its surrounding neighborhoods. Users can even buy a plot of LAND in Gamium via marketplaces such as OpenSea and customize it.

The Gamium ecosystem includes two different tokens: GMM and MST. GMM is used as a medium of exchange and for governance purposes. MST is used for in-game utility and as a reward. 

GMM can now be bought and traded on KuCoin,, PancakeSwap, and now, Uniswap. 

Following the collaboration, Ethereum fans can experience Gamium’s metaverse and socialize to earn. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency by marketcap and boasts a widest ecosystem of dApps and blockchain-based games.  

Bridging GMM tokens to Ethereum via ChainPort is a quick process with low fees. Users can connect their wallet on ChainPort’s app, select GMM token, choose BNB as a source chain, and Ethereum as a target chain. The bridging process usually takes a minute or two, and then users will receive GMM at the Ethereum address they’ve specified. 

About Gamium

Gamium is a web3 and metaverse technology company whose mission is to create the first metaverse that interconnects all of them, making avatars and assets multi-metaverse compatible. 

Gamium is building: The Avatar: A digital identity that can be used across all web3 and metaverse applications, allowing unique interoperability and usability. The Decentralized Social Metaverse: A virtual world to allow everyone to build whatever they want through the Gamium SDK.

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