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ChainPort Bridges Rejuve Token, RJV from BNB to Step

ChainPort Bridges Rejuve Token, RJV from BNB to Step


  • ChainPort facilitates seamless bridging of Rejuve Token (RJV) between BNB and Step, expanding opportunities in crypto, health, and fitness.
  • Liquidity is provided on both sides of the bridge, enabling two-way bridging, from BNB to Step and vice versa.
  • RJV powers Rejuve.AI, utilizing bio-AI and global data for enhancing human healthspan and lifespan.
  • Rejuve.AI's Longevity app allows users to log health data securely, offering AI-driven health insights and prioritizing data security.
  • RJV bridging to Step aligns with Step Network's health and fitness focus, fostering collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem.

Bridging RJV from BNB to Step & Vice-Versa

ChainPort has enabled bridging Rejuve Token (Ticker: RJV) from BNB to Step, opening up possibilities for individuals in the crypto, health, and fitness spaces. The Rejuve team has added liquidity on both sides of the bridge. This integration goes both ways, enabling the bridging of RJV from Step to BNB as well. 

RJV on Step:


RJV powers the Rejuve.AI platform, an initiative that employs bio-AI and aggregated data from millions of individuals globally to enhance human healthspan and lifespan.

The Rejuve.AI mobile app, Longevity, serves as an interface for logging personal health data and receiving invaluable AI-driven health insights. Emphasizing data security, Rejuve.AI ensures encryption and aims for HIPAA compliance, with users retaining ownership and control over their health data. 

Participating in the research program by submitting health data to the Rejuve Data Commons earns users RJV tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for discounts on health-enhancing products and services.

Moreover, users can create unique Data NFTs or dNFTs to become part of the Rejuve Network, unlocking access to exclusive rewards. This initiative extends beyond individual users, inviting AI scientists and developers to contribute to the Rejuve system through the Generative Cooperative Network or GCN. 

This collaborative approach allows contributors to earn rewards while assisting in simulating the human body for new therapies and aging insights. 

Bridging RJV to Step aligns seamlessly with Step Network's focus on health and fitness, creating a harmonious relationship within the blockchain ecosystem.

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