ChainPort Private Bridge

Full control and security for your token – manage supported chains, path, amounts, and own the keys

How ChainPort Private Bridge Works

ChainPort Private Bridge combines the best features from ChainPort with extra security features and an upgraded key management solution. It makes use of 3-of-5 wallets to access the cold storage that holds up to 98% of the tokens and empowers its security.

ChainPort’s team holds 2 keys; you or your team hold 2 keys, while a 3rd party trustee, aka a reputable law firm, holds the 5th key. By splitting the keys into 5 parts, no one party can move the funds without a majority.

This protects funds in case of any sort of extreme scenario where recovery is needed. It is an emergency withdrawal method for your tokens on the bridge under certain extreme circumstances. In short, it removes the need for trust and is a last-resort withdrawal method for your tokens on the bridge.

Your token will still enjoy the cross-chain interoperability, our support, API, fast porting cross chains, and all our other great features.

Current Bridgeable Assets:
Tokens from or to chains supported by ChainPort.

Increase security, functionality and control to the next level

ChainPort as your own private bridge, with secure control & advanced features.
Here’s what you’ll find under the hood:

Shared Custody

ChainPort Private Bridge service shares the multi-sig keys with the project and a 3rd party trustee. This distributes control, makes the bridge even more secure, and adds an extra layer of safety to your token.

Set Path for Ports

Set and limit your token’s port direction, for example. If you want to migrate your token completely, enable only one-way origin to destination chain porting. Set and change the path as you wish.

Set Min / Max Amount

Set the minimum or maximum amount of tokens you want to allow users to port per address or per transaction.

Block/Catch Blacklisted Addresses

Stop bad actors as they take action. You can blacklist specific addresses and choose to either catch their tokens, or block them. Terms apply

Set Your Fee

Set an additional fee per port that will go directly to you as an extra source of income.

In development

Emergency Freeze

The emergency freeze function allows the project to quickly freeze the bridge or wrapped tokens themselves in an unexpected event, ensuring the safety of all assets.

In development

Embed ChainPort

Add the ChainPort bridge UI straight to your app/Dapp and allow users to port directly from your domain.

In development

External Insurance

An insurance program for ChainPort is in development and will be provided via a third party to tokens hosted in this program.

Audited, monitored and secured by top security firms

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Who Is It For?

ChainPort Private Bridge is the perfect solution for many entities in crypto that understand the significance of porting tokens across multiple chains.



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Simple Pricing

ChainPort Private Bridge has a monthly fixed fee, plus PORTX staking for the duration of the contract.


or $48K/Year $60K

  • Custody costs
  • Management and service
  • Token monitoring
  • Periodical reports
  • Legal fees

    Service terms:

    • Monthly payment to be made in fiat or with USDT/USDC (ERC-20).
    • PORTX stake of $12k during the service period, fully refundable upon termination.
    • Minimum service commitment: 3 months.
    • Termination notice - 30 days.

    TVL (Acording to the value on the 1st of each month)

    Monthly cost

    Yearly cost

    $0 - $10M



    $10M - $20M



    $20M +