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ChainPort Enables Native Milkomeda C1 Support

ChainPort Enables Native Milkomeda C1 Support

Two months after establishing support to Milkomeda C1, ChainPort now offers native support for Milkomeda C1. With native support, Milkomeda C1 projects can now connect their tokens to 15 other blockchain ecosystems.

By establishing native support for Milkomeda C1, the blockchain is fully supported, and token holders can have full interoperability in the ecosystem. With full Milkomeda support, ChainPort is closer to its goal of seamlessly uniting blockchains. 

As a sidechain for Cardano, Milkomeda C1 provides EVM compatibility and is built on Solidity, the world's most popular smart contracting language. As a result, more developers adopt Cardano, and more DApps join the Cardano ecosystem and community. 

The first of Milkomeda's solutions was Milkomeda C1, which runs on Cardano. The team has also released an EVM-based rollup for Algorand called Milkomeda A1. Solutions for other top blockchains are planned for the near future. 

Bridging tokens from the Milkomeda C1 ecosystem to other blockchains with ChainPort is quick and easy. Users simply need to connect their wallet to ChainPort, select the token and amount of tokens they wish to bridge, and choose the target blockchain. Then, select the amount of gas for the transaction and hit approve. The transaction will take a minute or two. 

In the near future, ChainPort plans to expand the bridge's capabilities even further.

Stay tuned & bridge your tokens to and from Milkomeda C1 with ChainPort today!

About Milkomeda

Milkomeda develops and deploys EVM capabilities – in the form of innovative layer 2 solutions – to non-EVM blockchains, building the foundations for the inevitable interconnected blockchain world of the future. These bespoke blockchain interoperability protocols enhance the user experience, increase developer traction, and deliver the next generation of inter-blockchain interoperability for leading Layer 1 ecosystems. Currently, Milkomeda has deployed novel EVM solutions to both the Cardano and Algorand blockchains, increasing developer uptake and blockchain interconnectivity in these ecosystems.

Milkomeda is committed to promoting and building a multi-blockchain world, and its backers include Archetype, Sora Ventures, Algorand Foundation, Arrington Capital, SOSV, Circle Ventures, Borderless Capital, and Coinbase Ventures. For more information, visit

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