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Cross-chains with confidence, ChainPort's fund segregation technology keeps your assets safe.

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Stake PORTX for Discounted
Porting Fees, and Earn ...% APY


Stake PORTX for Discounted
Porting Fees, and Earn APY


Cardano is now
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How to get PORTX?

PORTX Token is live and available on DEXs and CEX

Learn how on the PORTX token page


Stake PORTX for Discounted Porting Fees, and Earn APY


Real Cross-Chain Interoperability

There’s no longer a need to look for a specific bridge for several of our blockchains. Port your tokens freely between the supported chains without reverting to the original chain.

Easy, Fast and Secure

Use a single, elegant UI to transfer assets between blockchains at an incredible speed with easy onboarding. Already supporting the most popular wallets in the industry.

Chains Supported


BNB Chain





Moon River





Milkomeda (C1)

Arbitrum One



Coming Soon

OKEX Chain

Coming Soon

ChainPort Features

A new-generation bridge with novel functionalities such as same token cross chain swaps, API direct calls, multiple wallet support, online human support and much more.


Security is paramount for ChainPort and includes these features plus undisclosed ones

Audited, monitored and secured by


2022 Q3
  • Explore page
  • ChainPort Private Bridge V1
  • Trail of Bits Audit
  • New chains: Aurora, Dogechain
  • New native tokens chains: Fantom
  • Porting fees V1 (pay with ported tokens)
  • PORTX token launch
2022 Q4
  • First non-EVM chain - Cardano integration
  • 4 new wallet support
  • New Chains: Arbitrum, Celo, Step network, & Evmos
  • Porting fees V2 (stake and pay with PORTX)
  • ChainPort telegram butler
  • ChainPort for stablecoins V1
  • Port to Ethereum V2
  • ChainPort Widget
  • End-of-Year target: 12 supported chains, 100 tokens, 20k users
2023 Q1
  • Porting fees V3 (pay with chain token)
  • Get the target chain’s token when porting
  • Multi-chain swaps - 1inch integration
  • Port tokens to a different address
  • New Chains: Solana, Cosmos +3 EVMs
2023 Q2
  • ChainPort Gnosis app
  • ChainPort for stablecoins V2 (more chains, also non-EVMs)
  • 3 new EVMs
  • NFT bridging V1
  • Mid-year target: 18 supported chains, 150 tokens, 40k users
2023 Q3
  • Layer zero porting (port between contracts)
  • Liquidity porting (LP tokens)

ChainPort is Trusted by Dozens

ChainPort Economy

ChainPort is an ultra value-adder, enabling opportunities like extreme privacy and compounded yield generation

Privacy as Service


It is in the best interest of projects to utilize ChainPort as their preferred bridge partner as it will open access to the large portion of the crypto market that values privacy.

Projects tap into additional token distribution and privacy-focused users can tap into more assets.

Ports that involve privacy features will carry a fee

ChainPort is the most attractive bridge option for projects that value LPs.

LPs have to give up the right to native staking when participating in DEX liquidity. ChainPort is the only option to participate in native chain staking and then becoming a LP on the DEX of other chains.

Projects utilizing ChainPort ensure their most meaningful community members, LPs, benefit from native staking too. Compounded Yield will therefore carry a fee

Compounded Yield
as Service

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Incredible Power. Easy to Deploy

Opens the interchain space to projects' team or community members. Make any native asset development cross-chain in a few seconds.

A few clicks are all it takes to unlock cross-chain exposure and accessibility for any asset.

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ChainPort is backed by the best

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChainPort?

ChainPort is a next-generation blockchain bridge that places security first while maintaining full functionality. With ChainPort, you can easily port tokens across 9+ blockchains within minutes. 

It is the first bridge that offers a fully security-focused solution, that safeguards 95% of funds in cold storage vaults. In addition to that, there is an easy-to-use UI, and porting can be done at astounding speed. 

What Makes ChainPort Unique?

A few features set ChainPort apart from the pack as a cutting-edge blockchain bridge. The two features that stand out the strongest are an emphasis on security and ease of use. It is the first security-focused bridge in this space that stores 95% of all tokens in cold storage wallets at all times.

Another key benefit includes its full interoperability. With ChainPort, you can port tokens across multiple blockchains without the need to revert back to the original chain. Other features include permissionless porting, multiple wallet support, direct contract calls, and live support, with many more features on their way. 

Why Should I Port Tokens Across Blockchains?

There are a few reasons why a project may wish to port its token across blockchains. The two primary reasons are fees and exposure to additional DEXs. For example, other chains may require lower fees than the native chain, which makes the process of trading or transferring tokens less expensive. The other reason is that it may boost a token’s user base and become more attractive to traders who use specific DEXs. 

How Secure is ChainPort?

ChainPort leads the way in terms of security with advanced blockchain-specific features such as:

- Funds segregation

- Multi-sig cold wallet protection

- Multi-party computation cold vaults

- Contract-level security

- Continuous monitoring 

- For detailed explanations of our security features, check our Security Page

Are There any Fees Involved?

The basic porting fee on ChainPort is 0.2% - 0.3% of the value of each port and can be paid in a few different methods:

Pay with the Ported Token

E.g., If a user wishes to port 10,000 XYZ tokens, a fee of 30 XYZ will be deducted from the port.

Pay with PORTX

Fees will be lowered to 0.2% if paid via PORTX tokens. The platform will require holders to stake PORTX tokens. Fees will be automatically deducted from PORTX staking contracts.

Pay with the Chain’s Native Token

Users can pay porting fees of 0.3% in their blockchain’s native token. E.g., if the XYZ token is a native ERC-20 token, the user can pay the fee in ETH.

Does ChainPort Have a Native Token?

ChainPort's native token is the PORTX token. It is vital to ChainPort’s ecosystem and long-term viability. PORTX represents a unit of value and a medium of exchange that can be used in many ways.

PORTX is used to discount porting fees and stimulate eco-system growth through staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, partner and user rewards, and referral and affiliation rewards.

Can I port from any EVM back to Ethereum?

Yes. You can easily port your tokens from any of our supported EVMs back to Ethereum. To port your tokens back to Ethereum, simply connect your wallet to ChainPort’s app. Once connected, select the source chain and token, set the target chain to Ethereum, and complete the porting process.

Who Built ChainPort?

ChainPort is developed by DcentraLab (previously 2key Labs), a company specializing in developing blockchain-based products and solutions. Other prominent DcentraLab projects in the blockchain space include Hord and Tokensfarm.

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