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Cornucopias & COPI Token Explained

Cornucopias & COPI Token Explained

COPI tokens & Cornucopias stand as a premier asset within the ChainPort ecosystem, gaining popularity for their impressive gameplay and utility. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Cornucopias, its native token, and discover how to bridge it with ease.

What is the Cornucopias?

Cornucopias is a Web3 MMORPG Metaverse game that transcends traditional gaming boundaries. The game is accessible across multiple platforms and crafted on the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5. Cornucopias also fully embraces the transformative power of blockchain technology. The game introduces a Play-and-Earn, Build-and-Earn, Learn-and-Earn, and Host-and-Earn ecosystem.

Designed to bring freedom, autonomy, and new economic possibilities to players, Cornucopias envisions a metaverse where users can immerse themselves. In it a world of floating bubbles and domes, each with unique themes and characteristics. There, players embark on a journey, engaging in a variety of mini-games and exploring vast landscapes in pursuit of resources that can be crafted into valuable items.

Cornucopias goes beyond typical MMORPGs by allowing players to own NFT-based assets. This includes vehicles, land, pets, mounts, and more, all tradeable in a peer-to-peer manner within the expanding Metaverse. The Play-and-Earn ecosystem ensures that players earn real-world value as they navigate this immersive, secure, and entertaining virtual world. Cornucopias combines excellent artwork, innovative economics, and engaging storytelling to redefine your gaming experience.

What can you do in Cornucopias? 

In Cornucopias, the possibilities are as vast! 

Choose your path as a trader, artisan, or entrepreneur and explore the Cornucopian land masses enclosed in towering floating domes. Challenge fellow players to engaging mini-games, create and truly own digital assets, and uncover the mysteries beyond the domes. 

Your crafted digital treasures are tradable on the Cornucopias marketplace, and upgrading your in-game gear is the key to advancing in this dynamic and immersive world.

Cornucopias gameplay

What are COPI Tokens?

The COPI token stands at the core of the Cornucopias ecosystem, offering a versatile range of utilities. Serving as the native currency, COPI enables transactions within the Cornucopias marketplace. Beyond its transactional role, COPI grants holders governance rights, empowering them to shape the future trajectory of Cornucopias. This includes influencing community-driven initiatives, third-party applications, games, and NFT marketplaces. 

COPI is available for trading at and widely accessible on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Wingriders, and Minswap,

Can you Earn COPI Tokens?

Absolutely! In Cornucopias, you can earn COPI tokens by unleashing your creativity and contributing to the vibrant virtual economy. Create and sell unique items within the Cornucopias marketplace, and watch as your efforts are rewarded with COPI tokens.

How to Bridge COPI Tokens Cross-Chain

The token COPI has been bridged multiple chains. At ChainPort, we support the bridging of COPI across the following chains: Ethereum, BNB, and Cardano. In the guide below, we will illustrate how to bridge COPI from Ethereum to Cardano as an example. 

Step 1 - Connect Your Wallet

Go to ChainPort's bridge ( and connect your wallet. Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Metamask are all supported by ChainPort. Select the wallet containing the COPI tokens you wish to bridge.

Step 2 - Select the Chains & Token

You can select a source chain and a target blockchain from the drop-down menu. In our case, the source chain is Ethereum, and the target chain is Cardano. Next, select COPI as the token you’d like to bridge from the dropdown menu. 

Step 3 - Confirm Tx & Get Tokens

Review all the related information before confirming the transaction. Details include the gas fees and the token. Once all details have been confirmed, please approve the transaction and wait a few minutes for it to be processed. Once complete, your COPI tokens have been successfully bridged to Cardano.


Cornucopias captivates players with a thrilling and entertaining gaming experience. Its innovative Play-and-Earn, Build-and-Earn, Learn-and-Earn, and Host-and-Earn features make it both enjoyable and rewarding. Bridge Cornucopias’ token, COPI, across Ethereum, BNB, and Cardano with ChainPort easily.

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