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Universe Finance Ported UNT to BNB Chain and Polygon via ChainPort

ChainPort is changing the way new crypto projects launch. Before interoperability, projects needed to build/launch/deploy in one chain. Now, with the full-interoperability features we have at ChainPort, we provide solutions for projects that want to be cross-chain or being chain agnostic.

We are happy to announce that Universe Finance is now using ChainPort to port their native ERC20 token UNT to BNB Chain (Ex Binance Smart Chain) and Polygon.

Universe Finance wants to provide the finest Uniswap V3 active liquidity management platform on Polygon and Ethereum.

Useful Links

About Universe Finance

Universe Finance is an active liquidity management platform of Uniswap V3 based on risk ranking and quantitative strategies. Our mission is to maximise our users’ Uniswap V3 return. Universe Finance has provided a series of products and some proactive liquidity management tools to meet challenges such as increased risk, expensive gas fees, the timing and frequency of rebalancing and reinvestment.

Universe Finance | Documentation | Discord | Twitter | Medium

About ChainPort

ChainPort is a next-gen blockchain bridge that provides custodian-level security with real interoperability, allowing instant hops across chains at a click.

ChainPort has been live since July and has already grown to port more than 110 tokens with $300M TVL and an average daily volume of $5M, with a current 30% monthly growth. Position itself as one of the top 5 biggest bridges in the space, and #84 by TVL between all dapps and DeFi’s in the world.

ChainPort offers permissionless ports between chains with a simple UI and supports seven wallets. ChainPort is a high-speed bridge -12 confirmation on Ethereum, only 2.5 minutes on average!

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ChainPort | Twitter | TG Community | ChainPort News | Docs | Medium

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