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Trail of Bits Completes a Comprehensive Review of ChainPort’s Code Bases


We are thrilled to announce that Trail of Bits, an industry-leading security firm, has completed a review of the ChainPort codebase, including all smart contracts, backend and frontend code. Trail of Bits led an exhaustive audit of all the critical parts of the system, backend, contracts and frontend. The review was conducted by a team of two consultants with eight person-weeks of effort.

The review used a combination of manual review as well as static and dynamic analysis techniques to assess ChainPort's codebase. This included a thorough review of the codebase's architecture, design, and implementation and a review of the code for any potential coding or design errors.

We’re pleased to report there are no known, outstanding high or medium-risk issues. This review is a major milestone for ChainPort, as completing a smart contract review from a respected security firm like Trail of Bits helps to ensure the trustworthiness of ChainPort's codebase. It also allows users of the platform to have more confidence in ChainPort’s security and reliability.

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Trail of Bits’ review was the third major independent review conducted by a leading smart contract auditor. View the Trail of Bits report on GitHub here. Other auditors that have inspected ChainPort’s code include CyberUnit and CertiK.

This review is a major milestone for ChainPort and will help to further build trust in the platform among users. The ChainPort team looks forward to continuing to make improvements to the codebase and is committed to continue providing a secure and reliable bridge for our users.

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