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LimeWire's $LMWR token goes Multi-Chain via ChainPort

LimeWire's $LMWR token goes Multi-Chain via ChainPort


  • ChainPort enables bridging of $LMWR from Ethereum to BNB and vice versa

  • $LMWR is now tradable on PancakeSwap BNB and other DEXs

  • LimeWire, the nostalgic file-sharing brand from the 2000’s has relaunched in 2022 as an AI Studio and social platform for content creators

  • LimeWire’s AI Studio offers cutting-edge AI tools for image, music, and video creation with all content pieces automatically being minted as NFTs

  • ChainPort's integration of $LMWR Token contributes to LimeWire's ecosystem accessibility and multi-chain strategy

LimeWire Bridges $LMWR from Ethereum to BNB via ChainPort

ChainPort achieves another milestone by facilitating the bridging of the $LMWR Token from Ethereum to BNB and vice-versa, broadening its accessibility across DEXs. Post-bridging, $LMWR Token is now actively tradable on PancakeSwap BNB and various other prominent DEXs and exchanges, enhancing its liquidity and reach.

LMWR Ethereum Contract Address: 0x628A3b2E302C7e896AcC432D2d0dD22B6cb9bc88

LMWR BNB Contract Address: 0x307Bc76E3d59ED73886A9cf9360a9286f6281ba7

About Limewire & $LMWR Token

Originally recognized as a pioneering peer-to-peer file-sharing client in the early 2000s, LimeWire made a significant mark in the digital landscape. In 2022, LimeWire experienced a revival, transforming into an NFT marketplace for music. Evolving further, it has now transitioned into a comprehensive AI Studio and social platform for image, music, and video creators. 

LimeWire’s leading AI Studio, enables the creation of captivating generative images, music, and audio. All content pieces posted on LimeWire are automatically minted as NFTs. This multifaceted approach positions LimeWire at the intersection of blockchain technology, NFTs, and generative AI content. The evolution of LimeWire demonstrates its commitment to innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

ChainPort's role in smoothly integrating $LMWR Token across chains contributes to the accessibility and utility of LimeWire's evolving ecosystem.

How to Bridge $LMWR from Ethereum to BNB in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Connect Your Wallet

Go to ChainPort's bridge ( and connect your wallet. ChainPort supports Ledger, Trezor, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Metamask wallets. Select the wallet with the Ethereum-based $LMWR tokens you wish to bridge to BNB.

Step 2 - Select the Chains & Token

In the drop-down menu, select the source blockchain and the target blockchain. In our case, the source chain is Ethereum, and the target chain is BNB. Select $LMWR as the token you wish to bridge from the menu.

Step 3 - Confirm Tx & Get Tokens

Review all related information, including gas fees and the token, before confirming the transaction. Once you have confirmed all details, approve the transaction and wait a few minutes for it to be processed. Afterward, your $LMWR tokens have been successfully bridged from Ethereum to BNB.

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