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Introducing the ChainPort Blog

Introducing the ChainPort Blog

Hello ChainPorters,

We at ChainPort are excited to announce the launch of our official blog. Here we will share all the major developments and updates regarding ChainPort and its ecosystem. We will continue to post updates on different channels such as Medium, our newsletter, and Twitter. Despite this, the official blog will receive first priority and will be the first to publish news as soon as possible.

At ChainPort, we will continue to build the most secure bridge in the crypto industry, emphasizing interoperability. We are proud to have built a blockchain bridge with an unprecedented degree of security.

ChainPort plans on revealing new native token support, additional chain support, and news regarding PORTX token. In addition to this, we will also share important announcements regarding ports, technical upgrades, and other developments.

ChainPort’s mission is to take a vital part in cryptocurrency’s mass adoption. We are creating a secure and sleek infrastructure for easy and fast migration between blockchains. Our new blog will help us spread the word and educate newcomers and crypto veterans on our path and the industry’s direction.

Despite whatever channels we choose to add, our community is always of key importance. We recommend that you follow us on Twitter, Medium, Telegram. If you have questions regarding ChainPort and its developments, you can always contact our team directly. We are always happy to assist crypto projects and help them maximize their reach by porting their cross chain.

We have quite a few major announcements and developments coming up regarding ChainPort, so stay tuned and keep your eyes on our official blog!

Join the ChainPort community for updates:

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