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Dcentralab Team Wins 1st Place at ETH Global Hackathons

Dcentralab Team Wins 1st Place at ETH Global Hackathons

Dcentralab, the organization behind the crypto projects ChainPort, Hord, and TokensFarm, recently attended the Ethereum Foundations Devcon in Bogota, Colombia. 

We’re thrilled to announce that the Dcentralab team won two awards for their efforts in DevCon. Prizes won by Dcentralab include first place at the Mina Protocol event and third place at the MetaMask event. The Ethereum Foundation’s Devcon events include development teams from top crypto projects worldwide. As such, the competition can be challenging, ensuring only the best of the best win top prizes.

“The competition was tough, and there were top development teams from well-established projects from around the world.” Said Dcentralab’s VP, Nikola Madjarevic. “It’s one of the reasons I’m extremely proud of my team and glad I could accompany them to this great event.” He added

The Dcentralab team was featured prominently as one of the six winners of the ETH Warsaw hackathon a few weeks ago. 

Winning many Hackathons proves the quality of Dcenteralab’s dev team and the great potential of the projects they are developing. 

The Dcentralab team will continue to attend different crypto-related hackathons and keep on winning. Parallel to this, the team will continue developing ChainPort, Hord, and TokensFarm, improving all projects constantly.

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