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ChainPort Introduces BNB Chain Native Token Support

Since ChainPort’s launch in mid-2021, we have continuously expanded & added additional chains. Initially, we began with Ethereum and later extended our support to Polygon native tokens. 

Both native Ethereum and Polygon tokens can be ported to other chains, including Avalanche, Fuse, Moonriver, and Fantom. However, these chains are available for projects that have initially deployed their contract on Ethereum or Polygon.

Our support of Polygon native token support was a great success, and we’ve received a lot of interest from crypto projects. Following that achievement, we’re excited to announce BNB Chain native support. 

You can now port any BNB native token to Avalanche, Moonriver, Fantom, and Fuse in just minutes. To port tokens, all required is a supported wallet and a small amount of BNB. Integrations or coding are not necessary. 

Adding BNB native token support is part of ChainPort’s mission. As a cross-chain bridge, ChainPort offers full interoperability with maximum security. Additional native token support and EVMs will come soon.    

BNB is a thriving blockchain ecosystem with close to 4 million Txs per day. In addition to this, according to BscScan, there are over 2.5 million different BEP20 tokens. Extending support to the BNB chain is a move of great importance to ChainPort and its mission. 

ChainPort will add BNB to Ethereum and Fantom soon as the demand for it is high. However, this does face unique challenges when considering Ethereum’s fees and costs to deploy contacts. 

About BNB Chain 

It was previously known as Binance Smart Chain or BSC before rebranding to BNB chain, which stands for build and build. BNB has multiple uses as a utility token that provides discounts on trading fees. Since the launch of its mainnet in 2019, BNB has become an entire ecosystem that echos Ethereum with some differences. It is currently the world’s 5th most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. 

About ChainPort  

ChainPort is a next-gen cross chain bridge that provides custodian-level security with full interoperability. ChainPort introduces an unprecedented level of security architecture, porting tokens safely across blockchains with just a click.

Security is always paramount for ChainPort, and 95% of the funds are stored in cold storage wallets provided by leading industry security experts: FireBlocks MPC and Gnosis-safe multi-sig.

ChainPort is a permissionless bridge that is already porting more than 140 tokens between blockchains, with additional projects joining daily. Porting is done in just minutes through a friendly and straightforward UI without the need for any technical integration. 

Since its launch in 2021, Chainport has managed 35,000 ports and $500,000,000 in volume. Learn more by visiting or reading our documentation. 

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